The four most important words in the English language are “What do you think?”

Five other most important words are “How can I help you?”

We’ve all been thrown into the deep end at work.

Asking how you can help has two positive impacts: it demonstrates strong commitment and ignites a sense of teamwork.

Many CEOs don’t care enough to ask. The ones who do are rare and make a strong impression.

We are here to serve you and be responsive to your needs.


Sisco 99 is an independent risk management organization providing risk assessment and risk mitigation solutions to the utilities and industrial sectors. Our services cover inspection and expediting, working across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, utilities, power industries and containers.

Sisco 99 works with retailers and manufacturers of consumer products worldwide to assess their products and manufacturing processes for compliance with regulatory, quality and performance requirements. We test products and inspect goods. Our proactive solutions throughout the supply chain help our clients better manage risk, protect their brands, reduce costs.